That possemay have once included Chloe but she was murdered by

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hermes replica bags Jens also seems to keep on hand hooded figures that can only be seen by military night vision goggles. “They’re looking for you.”Although those figures could easily be Lofty, Eliza, Dave doing the time warp, rapid eye movement clone trance dance. More on this later. That possemay have once included Chloe but she was murdered by Renae. Since, don’t forget, there were four sleeping bags at Mother Sullivan’s. All the adults, with their toxic relationships, are doomed tosuffer cancer, lose the plot like Wendy, be shot, bankrupted, left to die in the forrest or written off the road like Dr McKenzie. I have no clear theory on the dear doctor except that she appears to be a meddlesome pest to Jens, having conducted her own blood warping experiment. The young mossy posse also shot Dominic because he was getting too close to properly exposing the UFO secret hermes replica bags.