Completely remove or disable cpanellogd

We’ve got high traffic sites on a server that we don’t calculate bandwidth or need to run the cpanel log processor here is how to disabled that on a cpanel server.

Create the file “/etc/cpanellogddisable”, it will disable cpanellogd:

touch /etc/cpanellogddisable

After disabling cpanellogd, you’ll need to kill the current processes of cpanellogd:

killall -9 cpanellogd

Also you should need to move the following files:

mv /usr/local/cpanel/cpanellogd /usr/local/cpanel/cpanellogd.bak
mv /usr/local/cpanel/libexec/cpanellogd /usr/local/cpanel/libexec/cpanellogd.bak

Now cPanel restart does not start cpanellogd
After doing these all, cpanellogd won’t be there on your server.

Note however – I’ve seen these files come back, they probably come back when cpanel does an auto update. Just keep an eye on the ‘Daily Process Log’ and make sure it doesn’t come back.

In order to stop bandwidth logging, you will need to remove all Bandmin related crons for the root user, you will also need to disable Bandmin from running on boot:

chkconfig --del bandmin

After this, you will need to stop Bandmin:


This should disable bandwidth logging