Hello World!

This is the most famous first post on any blog which gets loaded by default. Yes, it came with this blog as well and I decided to keep it and just ramble in here.

This is a Blog site started by a group of IT Professionals at Superne Technologies. Here we will talk about anything to do with computers, hardware, software, networking, phones, PBX, mobile apps and the list goes on. Yes, you name it and we would like to cover it here on the blog. The intent here is to create a repository of reference for unique scenarios we have come across in the course of time and how they were solved.

Often times we come across a problem which we have solved in the past but don’t remember how we did it. Only if it was documented somewhere. So here it is.

Also, you will come across “How To ..”  tutorials.

Superne Technologies is a leading IT support company in the Metro Detroit area providing Voice & Data solutions to small and medium scale businesses.

Thanks for reading and if you need any topic covered here, just send us a request.

Let’s make technology fun.

Anil Kathuria
Superne Technologies