Astaro Factory Reset

Warning – This is reset all your settings.

To change the runlevel of a single boot session, use the following instructions:

* When the GRUB menu bypass screen appears at boot time, press the Esc key to enter the GRUB menu (within the first three seconds).
* Press the [e] key to append a the default boot entry.
* Navigate to the line starting with “kernel” and press the [e] key again to append the default kernel.
* Add at the end of the boot options line to boot to the desired runlevel.

For example, to reset the Astaro you need to load into runlevel 4:

grub edit>  splash=silent 4

* Press Esc and [b] to boot the system

After the system reboots you can log in via the Webadmin, set your passwords right and license again and start all over, or insert a working backup.


Gmail 2-Step Verification – Additional security on your gmail account

Gmail offers 2-step verification to secure your account. This is an optional feature but is a good step towards securing your email account.

This can be activated by going to the 2-step verification page under your account. You can follow the link below.

Once you activate this, signing in will require your user name, password and in addition a 6-digit code. You can get this code on your cell phone via sms or using Google Authenticator.

Installing Google Authenticator on your smart phone (Android,iPhone,iPad,Blackberry).

Here is a useful link:

Application-specific password

When you want to authorize your gmail account on non-browser devices, mobile application or desktop application which do not have an option to accept the verification code, You need to generate application-specific passwords for each. This can only be done after you have 2-step verification turned on and is only needed to be done once. Do not need to remember this password once you have entered it. You can follow the link below to generate application specific passwords in your account.

If you lose the device which you activated using the application specific passwords. You can simply revoke access to that device.

If you lose the device that was authorized with an application-specific password, you can revoke its application-specific password so no one can access your Google Account from that device.

Here are some links explaining google 2-step verification in detail:

2-step verification

Common issues